Radio Ready Song


Radio Ready Song

from 1,000.00

Record 4+ Radio Ready Songs at The Groove House and SAVE $100 PER SONG! Radio Ready Song Rate includes the following for each song:
 - Engineering
 - Vocal Recording
 - Multi-Tracked Background Vocal Recording
 - Vocal Tuning
 - Keys
 - Guitars
 - Bass
 - Drums
 - Mixing
 - Mastering
 - Mastered 16/44.1 .WAV & 320 KPS .MP3
 - Digital Copy of ProTools Session
 - You Keep Ownership of the Master

* Additional musicians starting at $75 per musician per song. (Add to cart separately.)
** Arrangement fee $100 per song, if needed. (Add to cart separately.)

90-day "same as cash" payment plans available for EP’s and full-length albums. The Groove House does not do credit checks.

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