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Tennessee singer-songwriter Solomon Maxx is bringing back classic rock. In 2017, Solomon Maxx introduced his modern classic rock style with his first single “Moments,” a heartfelt ballad that he always plays on piano at his live shows. And in 2018, Solomon Maxx did a track-by-track release of his debut album, ROYGBIV.

The concept album’s title (pronounced “roy-g-biv”) is a common acronym used to shorthand the spectrum of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The album’s soul is rooted in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and was written after the Pulse Club shooting in 2016. Amidst a divided U.S. political climate, Solomon Maxx set to write an album of love for his country and his community, the LGBTQIAA2+ community.

Singles from ROYGBIV made their mark on independent radio stations around the world, with “Red” charting at #3 on Q108 Kingston’s Top 10 in Canada and “Yellow” charting at #10 on Sound Street Radio’s Top 10 in Japan and the UK.

Born in small-town Louisville, Tennessee, Solomon Maxx was in and out of school choir and piano lessons throughout his childhood. By high school, he was turning his poems into songs and teaching himself how to produce demos. In 2016, Solomon Maxx met Steve Rutledge and became quick friends with the producer and multi-instrumentalist. Together, the two defined Solomon Maxx’s modern classic rock style as they produced “Moments” and ROYGBIV.

In addition to working on Solomon Maxx’s sophomore album, the two have established The Groove House Music Group, a music group by artists and for artists, with the mission of introducing talented original artists to the world.